California State Capitol Rotunda in Sacramento, CA, USA


The California Legislature—the most active state legislature in the country—routinely passes sweeping laws that often influence action in other states and at the federal level. Whether seeking to introduce favorable legislation or defeat or fix problematic legislation, Samson Advisors positions clients to become impactful stakeholders in the legislative process, from bill inception to passage or defeat. This includes developing tailored legislative strategies, building external coalitions, educating and engaging with policymakers and key staff, drafting and amending legislation, developing and submitting comment letters, and testifying in legislative committee hearings.

Female judge in a courtroom holding the gavel while working with the laptop on the table.


Legislation, once signed into law, often requires one or more of California’s over 200 rulemaking bodies to develop regulations to implement the law. Samson Advisors—with experience advocating before a broad range of agencies—is one of California’s go-to firms for clients wishing to help shape these regulatory proposals.

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Strategic Counsel

Government affairs strategies do not always involve advocating for or against specific policy proposals. Rather, companies often engage our firm to introduce their company to key policy makers, improve brand reputation, bring attention to and garner support for a proposed project in California, build a coalition of external stakeholders, or assess the political viability of a particular policy proposal. Regardless of the need, our firm has a track record of success in bringing attention to the good work companies are doing—or wish to do—in the State of California.